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Master Guy Savelli
Photo by Herb Ascherman

YouTube Update: Mental Exercises with Results 8/20/2014

Pictures from the Savelli Huc Chung Kun Tao Seminar - Clearwater, FL

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Visit the Huc Chung Kun Tao YouTube channel 12/16/2009

The Perfect Kun Tao Hit 1/23/2009

What It Takes To Train 8/03/2008

Healing Visualization Techniques 7/20/2008

Video Update - Earth, Wind, Fire And Water 11/5/2006
Video Update - Mind Training 7/17/2006
Video Update - Reeders Kun Tao 4/30/2006
Video Update - A Student's Experience 3/23/2006
Video Update - Foot Patterns & Reflex 3/9/2006
Video Update - Huc Chung Kun Tao Breathing and Visualization 3/2/2006

Kun Tao - The Fruit 1/31/2006

Kun Tao Confusion Training 11/13/2005

Enigma Reflex 8/29/2005

Fighting with Spiritual Chi 8/10/2005

Kun Tao (Clear Mind) 6/23/2005

Formal Reeders Kun Tao System Series is Now Available! 4/12/2005

Recent Special Operations Training 8/29/2004

Master Savelli's Complete Documentation 8/20/2003

Current Training of Special Operations Personnel 3/27/2002

Complete Huc Chung Kun Tao Demo 2/26/2001
(Healing Portions are Section 12 & Section 13)

Correspondence Course - Complete Itinerary 6/15/2000

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Master Savelli Demonstrates "The Whip"

Free Mental Exercise Video List About Kun Tao

Documentation Healing Military

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