Current Training of Special Operations Personnel

Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307-5290


14 January 2002


FOR Commanding General, XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX, Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307

SUBJECT: After Action Report, SOLO, Force Protection Training, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

  1. General: A condensed version of the Special Operations XXXXXXX XXXXXXX (SOLO) training program was initiated by XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX X XXXXXXX as part of the individuals desires to increase force protection capabilities and to evaluate this training for future application in the wide spectrum of special operations. The training was conducted over a five-day period and focused on practical application of techniques used in immediate life-threatening situations and how a person will be able to control oneís environment by mental exercises. Mr. Guy Savelli of Kirtland, Ohio, provided the training. Mr. Savelli has worked with special operations personnel on many occasions, including work with the late Col. Nick Rowe and the establishment of the SERE school.
  2. Objective of the training.
    1. Mission: To evaluate Mr. Savelliís SOLO, force protection training for possible application by this unit and other units in the special operations community. To train soldiers from this unit how to train the physical, mental, and spiritual in order to survive in any given situation.
    2. Sequence of Events: The sequence of events during this training period was simply a very condensed version of the SOLO Course POI. We were introduced to several new concepts and training methods each day for five to six hours a day throughout the five day period. In this small amount of time we were introduced and trained on basic but effective SOLO techniques. These techniques were then applied and calibrated by each student on board breaking devices, a suspended wooden fighting machine, and each other as a measure of effectiveness. In addition, all training sessions were taped on video for future reference for the students. The introductory five day training period produced significant results but a 14 day POI is recommended. See Appendix 1 "SOLO Course POI".
    3. Discussion
      1. All Special Operations Personnel should receive this focused unarmed combat training. Our current mission in the General War on Terrorism (GWOT) requires us to be on the ground in close proximity with organizations and people who want to do harm to our families and us. The SOLO program will add value to our current training and give soldiers the necessary tools required to survive most force protection situations encountered during the execution of the special operations mission.
      2. At the completion of the training, the following observations were made.
    1. Excellent training to supplement all other types of defensive/force protection training.
    2. Training that is needed and often overlooked.
    3. Enhances natural abilities you already possess to defend yourself, unit members and family.
    4. Identifies individual weaknesses and trains you on how to significantly improve them
    5. Humbling, shows who you really are and your true capabilities
    6. Movements and application are easy to understand, remember, and maintain.
    7. Heightens your mental awareness and teaches how to significantly increase your sixth sense.
    8. Unlocks your sensing capabilities and teaches you how to significantly increase your sixth sense.
    9. Teaches how to sense confrontation and walk away or diffuse it.
    10. Teaches a complete package of physical, mental, and spiritual training that will be with the individual for a lifetime.

  3. Recommendations
    1. Short Term Recommendations.
      1. X XXXXXXX. Recommend XXXXX personnel to continue with a "Train the Trainer" program by conducting a 14-day training program with Mr. Guy Savelli.
      2. X XXXXXXX. Recommend that Mr. Guy Savelli be contracted for specialized force protection training prior to XXXXX XXXXXXXX deploying to any high threat or real world high-intensity or low-intensity operation.

    2. Long Term Recommendations.
      1. XXXXX XXXXX. That they fund the above programs (using X XXXXXXX as pilots) and plan for future training to be conducted by all companies.
      2. XXXXX. That they investigate the use of SOLO across all XXXXX units as a means of enhancing the force protection capabilities of XXXXX soldiers and units.
      3. USASOC. That the re-introduce the SOLO training with advanced techniques to all groups as a means of enhancing force protection while simultaneously increasing unarmed fighting capabilities of SF soldiers.

XXX XXXX Team Leader
(Name on file at home base of Mr. Savelli)

XXXX - Deleted for security reasons

Most of the training comes from the advanced program.

Faces blacked out to protect identities of active duty Special Operations Personnel deployed internationally.

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