Kun Tao Confusion Training

One of the main aspects of Master Reeders’ Kun Tao is training the ability to confuse or disorient your enemy. This is accomplished in several ways:

  1. Unconventional physical postures
  2. Unconventional physical movement without touching your enemy
  3. Physical contact with your enemy as you are about to strike him
  4. Mind projection in close proximity to your enemy (like making someone miss at darts or pool)
  5. Prayer (specialized and sincere)
  6. A combination of the above

All of these methods use visualization with proper intention coupled with the cultivation of your emotions. You need either having actual experience in fighting or imagined experience in fighting, along with a moving meditation and special breathing techniques. Usually a Kun Tao student feels confident of their ability to defend themselves when their physical training has ended. Actually this is when the real training should begin. A really insightful student should realize that most of the physical training is the same no matter what the martial art. Confusing or disorientating your opponent is everything in Kun Tao. The old adage, “you cannot hit what does not exist to you” is true. This aspect of Kun Tao is not really discussed. Good students realize that there has to be more than just the physical. Because a teacher is not available, they usually get discouraged or forget to follow up on this aspect.

The first stage of confusion training is to realize that confusing, disorientating or freezing your opponent is not only possible but a necessity in the defense of your life, especially against a weapon. This training is not only available in this style but is the very core of Kun Tao. The second stage is to convince a Kun Tao master to teach you, because this training is not for everyone.

  1. Stand relaxed about three feet away from your training partner
  2. Visualize and believe that your training partner is just about to light a bomb and throw it at someone that you love
  3. Explode with a feeling of fright, flying at your partner knowing that you have to get to him before they can light and throw it
  4. Your training partner can simulate lighting a bomb by trying to light a candle and throwing it into a container
  5. You have done it correctly when you have bridged the gap and grabbed the candle before your partner knows you are there

If you would like to find out more about this type of training, you can email me at savelli@worldkungfu.com.


Guy Savelli

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