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The following will be a list of instructions and disclaimers. If you do not read or understand the, do not use this program.

  1. Always consult your health care professional before commencing any exercise or training program. This program is not intended for anyone who is injured, under strain or is physically or mentally incompetent.
  2. Follow directions at all times exactly as presented. Use proper precautions and common sense. Always use appropriate protective gear, including protection for the head, groin and eyes.
  3. Any weapons used are for demonstration purposes only. Never use real weapons when practicing techniques. Use only replica and safe weapons.
  4. The self-defense techniques presented are for demonstrational purposes only. Do not employ these techniques unless you cannot remove yourself from a dangerous situtation and you are at risk of serious physical harm.
  5. Neither SAVELLI ENTERPRISES, INC. nor any of the individuals in or associated with this program assume any responsibility for any injury or loss as a result of the use of this program. Individuals are only permitted to use "reasonable force" - not "excessive force", in any physical confrontation. Check with your local law enforcement agency on the definitions of "reasonable force" and "excessive force."


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