(Huc Chung)

You are being introduced to the most important area of self-defense -- healing. Most of your life is spent keeping yours, and the lives of your loved ones comfortable, pain-free, and disease-free, if possible. We have a system of meditation and prayer that directly addresses these issues. This system reduces pain and lessens the effect of disease almost one hundred percent of the time if you follow this way with a child-like acceptance and complete inner knowledge that it will work. What we address is the idea that, maybe, when we die, there is a kind of "team" we can make; or, perhaps "make the grade." We do not wait to die, then discover there is a team we could have made, but didn't -- only because we didn't try. We know that the best way to "make" this team is to contact "the coach" (the Lord) of that team while we are alive, knowing we should have constant, consistent, paranormal results as a sign to us we, in fact, reached the coach (that power).

To be able to heal yourself and your loved ones, or strangers, is using your internal boxing talents to its fullest. All of us would try to fight off an attacker who would hurt us or our loved ones. But the most grievous of attacks is one of pain and disease. Pain and disease -- they are a deadly surprise attack. For example one morning, while showering, you casually soap yourself down or help wash the soap away when you feel a lump where there never was one before. Your heart sinks, and you think, "Oh no? Maybe it's cancer. What do I do? What do I say? Who should I call?"

We all experience this potential tragedy either directly, or indirectly, when a loved one is in a similar situation. We are afraid that the end is possibly near; or at least the possible end of life as we know it -- the end of a certain kind quality and security. Millions of poor sufferers are forced to turn to the medical society. They also turn to God for the first time with a new kind of desperation. This desperation is coupled with an exasperated inner feeling that says, "There was really nothing tangible that I could turn to before in my life -- why should there be anything now?"

Others think, "I know I should be able to do something, but I just don't know what to try."

Any or all of us may undergo a similar scenario; but, take heart. We have extensive experience and excellent results in changing the pathways of pain and disease. The past sixteen years have been dedicated to the pursuit of these answers. As the mountain of testimonials will attest, this constantly attacking enemy -- pain and disease -- is relentless; and we fight it tooth-and-nail as if this enemy were a physical foe. Herein lies a dread with realization that any day, virtually any moment, pain and disease could launch a surprise attack. How do we prepare for these circumstances yet function completely in our lifestyles? How do you fight this kind of surprise attack?

There is a solution. It is secured in those of us who are so afraid of the real knowledge that the end is near, that we train in this area with desperation. We chose to follow a path that takes us closer to our maker; for we know that only in the eternal mind's hands are we truly secure. We strive with the real knowledge and a marked awareness that our God, if you will, works through us consistently only if and when we turn completely to it. We submit a variety of real videos taken of people who were healed on the spot. These videos show our method in a way that is quite irrefutable -- real people having real results every day.

We start this system by saying to ourselves three basic thoughts:

  1. Give thanks to the Lord for whatever you are thankful for and for whatever bad things did not happen to you the day before, and vow to seek perfection in your intensions.

  2. Be sorry for whatever you have to be sorry for. At the same time, vow to be better today and tomorrow. Be sorry that your thoughts, words and deeds are not always pure, kind and gentle.

  3. Ask for help as if you are a person who is trapped in quick sand up to your bottom lip -- you have only one chance to make that power want to help you.

Say, feel, and visualize this prayer as if it is your burden to carry each and everyday. This will initiate action that starts in your soul.

Lord God above, protect, guide and guard me now and always.
Keep my loved ones safe and out of pain; give me your strength,
your courage and your wisdom to stand up strong against all evil.
I vow to protect, guide and guard all those in need who may cross
my path with my life. I will never distinguish between family,
friends or strangers. Wherever I go, I only have one life to give;
and I will give it, willingly, should You ask for it. Just help me to
train for any task at hand, anytime, anywhere, against anything--
be it human, animal, or mechanical-- irregardless of the number I face.
With me totally trained and You at my side, I know I cannot lose.

In conclusion, by reading and absorbing the information and exercises in this section, you have just scratched the surface of Huc Chung Kun Tao. Should you want to continue your training, fill out the questionnaire, buy work tape section A and section B from the physical category under videos and study our book. This is the most comprehensive package to give you a total understanding of what is available in Huc Chung Kun Tao and how it can benefit you for the rest of your life.

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