The following is a confirmation notice and listing of personnel invited to attend the Savelli SOLO course:

A Department Of The Army
Headquarters, 3rd Battalion
7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces
Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307-5270

29 Jan 92


Memorandum for see distribution

Subject: Special Operations XXXXXX XXXXXXX (SOLO) Course

  1. This battalion is conduction the subject training at Fort Bragg, NC during the period of 10 - 28 February 1992. The training will be divided into four, four day, and one three day period of instructions. The available blocks/dates for those units desiring to participate in the training are 14-17, 18-21, 22-25, and 26-28 February 1992. Participants must arrange for their own transportation and lodging.

  2. Portions of this training are classified. Clearances need to be sent to a POC listed below.

  3. Please provide by telephone or FAX, the names of personnel who will attend, and desired dates for attendance no later than 05 February 1992.

  4. My points of contact are SFC XXXX, DSN XXX-XXXX, or Commercial (XXX) XXX-XXXX, or CWO XXXX DSN XXX-XXXX, or Commercial (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

William E. Atkinson


CINC, USSOCOM, ATTN: XXXX-XX (Maj XXXX), Macdill AFB, FL 33608-6001

Cdr, 1st Special Forces Group, ATTN: XXXX-XXX-XX, Fort Lewis, WA 98433

Cdr, 3rd Special Forces Group, ATTn: XXXX-XXX-XX, Fort Bragg, NC 28307-5253

Cdr, 5th Special Forces Group, ATTN: XXXX-XXX-XX, Fort Campbell, KY 42223-5000

Cdr, 10th Special Forces Group, ATTN: XXXX-XXX-XX, Fort Devens, MA 01433-5000


XXXX - Names deleted for security reasons

Colonel James N. Rowe was a POW in Vietnam for 5 years and was one of the few Americans to escape captivity. Colonel Rowe was the driving force behind the U.S. Army Survival Evasion Resistance Escape Program (SERE).

In 1985 it was Colonel James N. Rowe who hired Master Savelli to teach Kung-Fu to the Army Special Forces

Master Savelli started teaching U.S. Special Forces contractually in 1985 and is still currently involved with the Special Operations Community. Four contracts that have been fulfilled are listed below:

DAKF40-36-H-0170 -- 9 DEC 1985 to 18 DEC 1985

DAKF40-92-M-0540 -- 25 SEP 1991 to 5 OCT 1991

DAKF40-92-M-2080 -- 8 FEB 1992 to 26 FEB 1992

DAKF40-92-M-6845 -- 12 MAY 1992 to 25 MAY 1992

The following show Master Savelli working internationally with U.S. Special Forces and a certificate of appreciation presented to him by the 7th Special Forces Group:

Department Of The Army
3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307

05 Mar 92


Memorandum for record

Subject: Combatives Training for C/3/7the SFG(A)

  1. Purpose: To outline the Combatives program to be executed in support of C Co. 3rd Bn, 7th SFG(A), Republic of Panama, 13-23 May 92

  2. A Mobile Training Team (MTT) from 3rd Bn, 7th (SFG(A) will deploy from Ft Bragg, NC on 13 May 92. This team will consist of the following personnel:

    A. MAJ XXXX S., OIC / Assistant Instructor
    B. Mr. Savelli, G., Head Instructor
    C. SFC XXXX, L., NCOIC / Assistant Instructor
    D. SSG XXXX, S., Assistant Instructor
    E. SFC XXXX, J., Assistant Instructor

  3. The Combative Program (formally called SOLO) will include but not be limited to:

    A. Set up of Training facility (2 days)
    B. Two 4 day training sessions for approxiametly 15 students each.
    C. Capabilities assessment of each student and a debriefing for the Commander at the conclusion of training.

  4. The MTT will be housed in military facilities at Ft. Davis, Panama.

  5. Questions and emergency contact can be directed through the S-3, 3rd Bn, 7th SFG(A), (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

Steven P. Bucci
Maj, SF
Executive Officer

XXXX - Names deleted for security reasons

The Joint Staff

Washington, DC

Subject: Letter of Support for Mr. Guy Savelli

  1. This is to state my experiences of Special Forces Company Commander with Mr. Guy Savelli's efforts to improve human performance and to urge the establishment of a program for research and exploitation of possible applications.

  2. I have known Mr. Savelli for 4 years, since we contracted for his services in Company C, 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group, at Fort Davis Panama. His individual training course instilled fundamental improvements in mental and physical performance for most participants. While about 5 percent did not benefit significantly, the main group of students experienced measurable improvements of duty performance involving individual tactical movement and shooting skills. Most felt a heightened clarity of mental awareness and improvement in mental capability, although we did not test these assertions. A very few, perhaps 3 percent, experienced remarkable, profound improvements and became avid practitioners of certain of Mr. Savelli's techniques.

  3. While Guy Savelli's efforts could benefit from more academic and scientific rigor, he has done a remarkable much as one man could possibly accomplish with so few resources. He is pioneering in a field that is startling and new, ever vulnerable to ridicule from closed minds. It is a testament to Guy's personal moral courage that he has sought out to explore controversial possibilities with the US Army--among some of the most conservative minds in the world.

  4. Unfortunately, most in the US military are currently in the highly conservative mindset of the drawdown, in which no new action is undertaken without the greatest of caution. Under present conditions, average commanders (and probably most government lab officials) would be hesitant to explore this kind of controversial phenomena. In the present zero-defect environment, either success or failure in this kind of further complication is the fact that Mr. Savelli's effects are achieved mostly through the fundamental modification of human belief. Conventional scientific inquiry, which is by nature deeply skeptical, might suppress subtle effects through the very acts of measurement and quantification. Earlier research in this field is scanty and conflicting, and frequently inconclusive.

  5. The difficulties with this kind of undertaking are surmountable through the careful design of the plan of action. One thing is certain, though: Mr. Savelli will need open-minded management and technical assistance if his discoveries are to survive.

  6. Failure to fully explore the possibilities here are shortsighted. If I had the authority, I would institute and resource a program to study, organize, develop, and exploit Mr. Savelli's initiatives. Despite the risk, the benefits which could be realized by mankind from an effective new human performance enhancement discipline could be huge. In addition to the military, education, health, commerce, and industry stand to benefit.

Lucius A. Taylor IV
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army
Operations Officer

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