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Dim Mak II - The Beginning 3/06/2005

Dim Mak 2/19/2005

Master Reeders’ Triangle Step #1 1/4/2005

The Kun Tao Freeze, The Spiritual Way 11/15/2004

Tai Chi and Kun Tao 9/18/2004

In Memory of Bob Williams and Lenny Howie 8/29/2004

The Dearbaum Seminar 8/29/2004

Concepts of Kun Tao 2/24/2002

Reeders' Kun Tao - Part 1 6/17/2004

Reeders' Kun Tao Weapons 4/28/2004

Willem Reeders Family System of Kun Tao 12/21/2003

Commentaries on Kun Tao 11/09/2003

The Secret of Internal Power 9/27/2003
Part One of Five (Basic Understanding)

Secret Kun Tao Movement #4 3/23/2003

Ilmu Gaib/Huc Chung 1/11/2003

Fear 8/11/2002

Kun Tao Training Around The World 7/29/2002

Secret Kun Tao Movement #3 6/22/2002

Secret Kun Tao Kicking II 5/23/2002

Secret Kun Tao Kicking 5/10/2002

The Tao of Huc Chung 1/20/2002

Foot Patterns #4 and #5 12/8/2001

Results of Huc Chung Kun Tao 11/14/2001

Foot Pattern #3 10/14/2001

Real Huc Chung Kun Tao 10/1/2001

Spiritual Training Results 9/17/2001

A Test of Chi and other documentation 8/12/2001

The Freeze 5/2/2001

A Priest from Ireland Talks About Huc Chung Kun Tao 4/14/2001

What Huc Chung is All About - Part II 1/29/2001

What Huc Chung is All About 12/5/2000

Principles of Kun Tao 9/2/2000

Spiritual Healing Update 7/26/2000

World-Wide Correspondence Course 1/4/2000
Now Available in European PAL Video Format

Proof of Magick 12/15/99

Real Training 10/21/99

Special Huc Chung Kun Tao Healing Update 9/29/99

Free Healing Video 9/5/99

Correspondence from West Point Military Academy 9/5/99


Matching Hands Reflex I 7/20/99

Mental, Physical and Spiritual Training 5/20/99

Huc Chung Spiritual Update 5/13/99


Foot Pattern #2 - The Square 3/29/99

Survival Kun Tao 3/18/99

Basic Visualization for Chi 2/21/99


Mental Visualization and Objective of Huc Chung 1/4/99

Foot Pattern #1 - The Triangle 10/24/98

Secrets of Spiritual Training I 10/9/98

Bodylock I (The Catapult) 10/2/98

Leprason (sp)II - The Mental 8/28/98

Touch Sensitivity IV 8/23/98

Touch Sensitivity III 8/5/98

Speed Reflex I 7/21/98

Leprason (sp) #1 (Tiger Ripping) 7/9/98

Explosive Striking (Internal) III 5/6/98

Necessary Traits to be Like-Minded with Your Instructor 4/29/98

Military, Police, and Security Agencies Page 4/17/98

The Spiritual Tornado (Chi) 3/19/98

Explosive Striking (Internal) II 3/4/98

Explosive Striking (Internal) I 2/18/98

Kun Tao Experiments I 2/10/98

The Wave - Part I 1/29/98

Feats of Kun Tao 1/11/98

Secret Reflex II 11/12/97

One Way to Get a Person to Change Their Frame of Mind 10/19/97

Secret Reflex I 9/14/97

Iron Palm I 8/9/97

Mind Training: Time Distortion II 7/12/97

Continuing Secrets of Movement 6/18/97

Mind Training: Time Distortion I 4/24/97

The Secret Leopard - Part II 4/8/97

Breathing for Chi 3/1/97

The Master's Edge - Touch Sensitivity II 2/14/97

What It Takes To Train

Protective Healing - The Internal Shield

Physics Of The Whip

Visualization For Fluid Skillful Movement With Striking Technique

Visualization: The Secret Leopard

A Lesson on Touch Sensitivity

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