Kun Tao - The Fruit

We take the best and most productive movements that cater to our Western way of life and eliminate the less effective ones. We take only the basic moves that have the most potential fighting applications and link them together to form a wave of motion that completely overcomes our attacker. We practice only the movements that will frighten and upset our enemy’s center of balance - mentally, physically, and spiritually. The objective is to make it impossible for our attacker to think straight. His vision becomes blurred; he is emotionally shaky and unsure.

Once an enemy begins to threaten us with bodily harm, we snap into an altered state of trained insanity - totally focused and seemingly wild, but inwardly calm. We emit a force of power from our body, looking strange but formidable - a jumping, torquing, spinning machine that can fight in any direction. Upon contact, we slice into our enemy until the brutal end, showing no mercy. Our moves slash, crush, and puncture our enemy. Our shield becomes impenetrable. Our mind burns and controls our enemy’s mind.

  1. Stare at a wall and get a feeling of fright.
  2. Do you djuruses.
  3. Perfect a prayer.
  4. Mind projection in close proximity to your enemy (like making someone miss at darts or pool)
  5. Learn to whip, torque and jump.
  6. Work your foot patterns.

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Guy Savelli

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