Master Savelli is available to conduct seminars at your location and convenience. The following is an example (are examples) of the format that can be used should you choose to have him be a guest speaker.


Seminar 1

(Note: Portions of this outline may be deleted or added to depending on the level and needs of participants.)

I. Physical Training

A. Functional fighting kumbongs (katas) of the Chinese-Indonesian variety with specific explanation of animal origins and applications. These are not usually shown to Americans. They utilize a complete circular coverage of one's body in space combined with a deadly fluidity.

B. Specialized reflex-reaction techniques designed to intensify speed, accuracy, and power. Results guaranteed within the range of the seminar. (This is an introduction to kilap striking)

C. Specialized Kun Tao total-body strikes, (using the whole body as a weapon) designed to penetrate internal organs in practical application or improve performance in competition situations. This includes patterns used off a natural walk, on the ground, or in the air.

D. Testing methods that show the effectiveness of one's hits and kicks.

II. Mental Training

A. Touch sensitivity techniques designed to prevent one from being touched awake or asleep as well as intensifying mind-body awareness. This is a one-on-one exercise which is never shown in traditional classes.

B. Move perception techniques, ie. sensing where a hit is coming from before it occurs.

C. Hypnotist-fighter techniques, ie.. the mind stops and controls an opponent's force.

D. How to develop one's chi power as in the internal manifestation of the leopard.

III. Spiritual Training

A. Meditation technique to achieve specific ends, ie. one should have conscious, consistent results with one's meditation that is integrated into everyday life.

B. Techniques to define one's purpose for existence. (Being a spiritual fighter)

C. Beginning techniques of inner mental visualization which transfer healing power from a Divine Source to one in need. (Mind healing as taught to U.S. Special Forces)

(Note: This spiritual training does not conflict with any traditionally accepted religious beliefs.)

Seminar 2

A. Assessment Interview

  1. Experience

  2. Strengths, weakness

  3. Personalize instruction

B. Combative Basics

  1. Positions
    1. Standing
    2. Walking
    3. Sitting
    4. Prone

  2. Movements
    1. Natuaral Everyday Fighting Moves
      1. Walk away
      2. Diamond step
      3. Turn and step right
      4. Turn and step left

    2. Run and Fight

    3. Developing Power

    4. Developing Speed
      1. Blink reflex
      2. Sound Reflex
      3. Pin reflex

  3. Principles of Confusion
    1. Change direction.
      1. Up-down movement
      2. Sideways movement
    2. Look and feel submissive
    3. Get behind the attacker
    4. Take control away from the attacker (walk away)
    5. Frighten them - go toward the fright
    6. Hit them before their mind can react
    7. Shock the body-mind
    8. Natural presentation
      1. Set them up
      2. Look inconspicious
    9. Mood projection
      1. Pity
      2. Sickness
    10. Double impact hitting
    11. Mental sync
    12. Run away
      1. Run and change direction
      2. Run in circle and fight
    13. Speed hitting - overload nervous system
    14. Turn your back to them
    15. Drop to ground and fight

  4. Principle of Deception
    1. Act nonchalant
    2. Look nonagressive
    3. Wear loose fitting clothing
    4. Say
    5. Think

  5. Methods of Engagement
    1. Presentation
    2. Delivery
    3. Strike
    4. Finish
    5. Recovery & follow through

  6. Conditioning Exercises
    1. Breathing
    2. Strength/Endurance
    3. Flexibility/Balance/Fluidity/Agility
    4. Body Tension Change
    5. Speed and Power
    6. Accuracy
    7. Timing

C. Striking Methods - Waist Up

  1. Single Strike
    1. Head Butts
    2. Shoulder Strike
    3. Elbow Strikes
    4. Forearm Strikes
    5. Hand Strikes
    6. Finger

  2. Combination Strikes

D. Striking Methods - Waist Down

  1. Single Strike
    1. Hip/buttocks
    2. Knees
    3. Kick
    4. Foot
    5. Toe

  2. Combination Strikes
    1. Leg traps

E. Close Combat Survival

  1. Known confrontation
    1. Single attacker
      1. Front
      2. Left side
      3. Right side
      4. Rear
    2. Multiple attackers
    3. Sentry/Guard

  2. Surprise Confrontation
    1. Single attackers
      1. Fighting Drill - LRRR
        1. Front
        2. Left
        3. Rear

      2. Fighting Drill - UDUKH
        1. Front

    2. Multiple attackers
      1. Stationary
      2. Run and fight

  3. Hostage/POW
    1. Bond
    2. Unbound

F. Mental Enhancement

  1. Visualization
  2. Mental awareness exercise
  3. Close reflex
  4. Cultivation of intentions
  5. Cultivation of self-hynosis

G. Sustainment and Certification

  1. Progressive Station Training
  2. Performance test
  3. Fighting drills
  4. Training machines

Here is an example of one of the many seminars given by Master Savelli:

The Cleveland Clinic Brain Tumor Support Group
Healing Through Visualization

Presented by:
Master Guy Savelli

Master Guy Savelli has been a martial arts instructor for 30 years, where he uses the art of visualization for self-defense. Join us and Master Guy for a discussion on healing through the use of visualization. Please come hear more about the holistic form of healing.

Monday October 23, 1995 5-6PM
Cleaveland Clinic Cancer Center Conference Room T-120
First Floor, T-Building (see map on back)

Open to all brain tumor patients, family members, and friends (no charge, free parking)

For More Information Call:
Laurie Bell, MSW or Kathy Lupica, RN

Last meeting of the Brain Tumor Support Group for 1995 will be held on Monday November 20. Hope to see you there!

The video tape of this talk is available in our order form!

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