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Twenty-Five Secret Training Exercises Masters Teach to Only Selected Advanced Students

You do not need to be an advanced student in any special or particular martial art to employ these methods of training. You do not need to be a martial arts practitioner at all --- these "secret" exercises are applicable to any/all martial arts styles and to life in general.

Section A

  1. Do you know the most deadly way to move your body? Here is how.

  2. Do you move as fast and as naturally as you were born to for self-defense? Here are two professional methods to get you started.

  3. Can you strengthen your kicks with one simple exercise that masters use?

  4. Do you want to break a 2x4 with a kick? Here is the exercise.

  5. Here is a two-person, super-grip strengthening, accuracy training, reflex exercise that anyone would want.

  6. One of the main problems of street fighting is to "bridge the gap" quickly and powerfully -- to strike your enemy and at least drop him. Here is the exercise.

  7. Do you know what a "slap system" exercise is and how to use it? Here it is.

  8. Here is a two-man, leg-breaking, reflex/reaction exercise anyone would want in his or her martial art style.

  9. Here are three ways to train your mind while you are driving an automobile.

  10. Can you calm a person down just by using your mind? Here is how.

  11. The "knockout," the "freeze" and healing all start with this one exercise!

  12. Here is a four-person reaction exercise that definitely makes you faster and more accurate for striking. Very few, if any, are this good.

  13. Can you put a child to sleep using just your mind? Here is how.

  14. Do you know the most powerful way in the world you can strike? Here it is and how you train it.

  15. It is said that to be an excellent fighter, one has train to fight spiritually. Here is how to start.

  16. Here is an exercise that teaches you how to generate power and speed for times that you don't know you have to.

  17. If you are conditioning your hands for tearing by tearing the bark of a tree, you are probably doing it the wrong way. Here is the right way.

  18. If you do not know how to run and kick without breaking stride, here is how.

  19. Can a master get behind an attacker who is stalking after him without breaking stride? Here is how.

  20. If you want to start to develop a full body whip, here is the dance motion you should practice.

  21. Here is an old way of striking water that starts to develop a strike that will hurt internal organs.

  22. There is an exercise that masters use to test the power and speed of their hits. Now you can use the same exercise.

  23. What is the secret feeling a kun tao practitioner uses to train his or her kicks?

  24. Here are two principles of deception that you should always practice -- they can save your life.

  25. Masters do not have the same physical tension in their body as you do. Here is the secret exercise that lets us start faster than our students.

Section B

  1. The "cannon kicking exercise" develops a kick like a cannon. Masters use it -- now, so can you.

  2. The art of invisibility -- fact or fiction? Here is how to start.

  3. Here is a secret attack from the rear that is almost impossible to defend against -- you won't see it written.

  4. Here is the fastest kick you can deliver; it puts shock in the enemy's body.

  5. Do you know the best target on the leg to kick and hurt the leg?

  6. Can you defend yourself against the above vicious kick?

  7. Here is simple mind exercise that will give a vicious kick.

  8. Here is a kun tao leg-conditioning exercise that you will not find.

  9. Here is an accurate and powerful reflex/reaction exercise for foot-stomping that you cannot find.

  10. Do you throw a shuto (or a karate chop) the way masters do? Here is how.

  11. How to train the most feared strike in the world -- the whip.

  12. Learn the deadly gorilla hit; it comes out from nowhere -- striking a deadly spot on the body that is not protected.

  13. Here is a simple but old way to train your jump so that almost anyone can "dunk" a basketball from a standstill.

  14. Here is a professional stepping pattern that teaches you how to end up behind a person chasing you without breaking stride

  15. For all of you who want to start moving explosively -- here is a simple exercise that works, but is not taught.

  16. Here is the secret of how kun tao exponents throw three lethal hits with either hand in one motion that takes only a moment to deliver.

  17. Here is a plyometric exercise that teaches you to tear and strengthen your whole body at the same time.

  18. Here is how to stand, walk, and turn all day long -- this makes you ready to fight no matter where you are. This is not shown anywhere else.

  19. Here is the most lethal way to strike an attacker from the front and the way to properly train it.

  20. What part of your trained body is known as the "secret sword"? It develops real chi instantly and is very deadly. Here is the exercise.

  21. Here is the best way to breathe to be able to move your fastest and strongest. No one can refute it or beat this way.

  22. Here is one super way to use your mind with a move that is not shown. It could really save your life against a knife.

  23. Do you have an exercise that trains your eyes to frighten off attackers? Here it is -- it is called the look of the leopard.

  24. If you do not know your effective striking distance, here is the exercise that teaches you.

  25. Here is a simple test that calibrates the speed of your kick that you can train anywhere. It is among the best in the world.

Section C

  1. Here is how to lessen a person's pain through mood projection.

  2. Do you have a head-butting, foot-stomping station as part of your circuit workout? Here is how to make one.

  3. Masters do not train their bodies to be ambidextrous. Here is why not, and how you should train your body.

  4. Here is the best action to take when faced with an attacker you cannot outrun.

  5. Here is how masters calibrate speed, power, and accuracy -- now you will be able to test anyone too.

Training With Master Savelli

The following is an outline of the training course offered by Master Savelli. Please take a moment to carefully read through it. If you like what you read and are interested in becoming a student of Master Savelli, you must first complete the questionnaire (button below) designed to evaluate your experience level and needs. After completion of the questionnaire, Master Savelli will contact you either by mail or phone to discuss in more detail the possiblity of becoming one of his students.

A. Assessment Interview

  1. Experience

  2. Strengths, weakness

  3. Personalize instruction

B. Combative Basics

  1. Positions
    1. Standing
    2. Walking
    3. Sitting
    4. Prone

  2. Movements
    1. Natuaral Everyday Fighting Moves
      1. Walk away
      2. Diamond step
      3. Turn and step right
      4. Turn and step left

    2. Run and Fight

    3. Developing Power

    4. Developing Speed
      1. Blink reflex
      2. Sound
      3. Pin reflex

  3. Principles of Confusion
    1. Change direction.
      1. Up-down movement
      2. Sideways movement
    2. Look and feel submissive
    3. Get behind the attacker
    4. Take control away from the (walk away)
    5. Frighten them - go toward the fright
    6. Hit them before their mind can react
    7. Schock the body-mind
    8. Natural presentation
      1. Set them up
      2. Look inconspicious
    9. Mood projection
      1. Pity
      2. Sickness
    10. Double impact hitting
    11. Mental sync
    12. Run away
      1. Run and change direction
      2. Run in circle and fight
    13. Speed hitting - overload nervous system
    14. Turn your back to them
    15. Drop to ground and fight

  4. Principle of Deception
    1. Act nonchalant
    2. Look nonagressive
    3. Wear loose fitting clothing
    4. Say
    5. Think

  5. Methods of Engagement
    1. Presentation
    2. Delivery
    3. Strike
    4. Finish
    5. Recovery & follow through

  6. Conditioning Exercises
    1. Breathing
    2. Strength/Endurance
    3. Flexibility/Balance/Fluidity/Agility
    4. Body Tension Change
    5. Speed and Power
    6. Accuracy
    7. Timing

C. Striking Methods - Waist Up

  1. Single Strike
    1. Head Butts
    2. Shoulder Strike
    3. Elbow Strikes
    4. Forearm Strikes
    5. Hand Strikes
    6. Finger

  2. Combination Strikes

D. Striking Methods - Waist Down

  1. Single Strike
    1. Hip/buttocks
    2. Knees
    3. Kick
    4. Foot
    5. Toe

  2. Combination Strikes
    1. Such as leg traps

E. Close Combat Survival

  1. Known confrontation
    1. Single attacker
      1. Front
      2. Left side
      3. Right side
      4. Rear
    2. Multiple attackers
    3. Sentry/Guard

  2. Surprise Confrontation
    1. Single attackers
      1. Fighting Drill - LRRR
        1. Front
        2. Left
        3. Rear

      2. Fighting Drill - UDUKH
        1. Front

    2. Multiple attackers
      1. Stationary
      2. Run and fight

  3. Hostage/POW
    1. Bond
    2. Unbound

F. Mental Enhancement

  1. Visualization
  2. Mental awareness exercise
  3. Close reflex
  4. Cultivation of intentions
  5. Cultivation of self-hynosis

G. Sustainment and Certification

  1. Progressive Station Training
  2. Performance test
  3. Fighting drills
  4. Training machines

In conclusion, by reading and absorbing the information and exercises in this section, you have just scratched the surface of Huc Chung Kun Tao. Should you want to continue your training, fill out the questionnaire, buy work tape section A and section B, and study our book. This is the most comprehensive package to give you a total understanding of what is available in Huc Chung Kun Tao and how it can benefit you for the rest of your life.

Copyright © 1998 by Guy L. Savelli. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Except as otherwise provided by law, this writing may not be produced in whole or in part, in any manner.