The Perfect Kun Tao Hit


Spiritual training – the Chaplet

·        When asking for help, you must commit to bring this to other people, and ask for help in doing that. 

·        Asking for help for you, your family and loved ones is part of it, but if you don’t offer to help others, work to put yourself in a position to help others, and ask the Lord to make you effective in helping others (just like you want him to be effective in helping you and your loved ones) - you’re missing it. 


Hits – eyeshot, punch, whip, etc.,

Should be thrown like throwing a ball.  A Kun Tao shot must be trained with the intensity of a pitcher throwing a baseball 100 miles per hour.  When you throw a baseball like that, you are practicing the Kun Tao strike.


Perfect Hit

A.     Invisible – (unperceived).


B.     Body weight must be shifted into the hit.

·        Similar to right side power left side speed - standing with weight on right side so left is released to fire.  Similarly, weight must transition from the rest of the body behind the hit.


C.     Expel residual air when the strike hits.

·        Expelling of air is time consistent with flow of body weight.


D.     Energy flows out of the hit, while expelling residual air. 

·        Expel residual breath while striking.

·        Picture flow of energy through your body, e.g., with a right hit, beginning from your left foot/toe, swirling through the body and out of the hit, with the expulsion of residual air.

·        Energy flows similar to weight transferring from body -> hit, in B. above.


E.      Have natural power behind the hit – i.e. jump into the hit, drop through the hit and/or torque into the hit. 



A.     To move at a person properly, either have the feeling of the leopard and go at them, or have a feeling of inadequacy and obsequiousness while they ‘press’ you.  In the latter case, you draw a line of conduct, where upon your enemy crossing the line, you explode like a pistol. 


B.     Obsequious -> Ferocious upon crossing the line - fast like a pistol shot.


C.     A feeling of weakness can be used to set up a move (moves typically won’t work unless you have some feeling behind them).

·        Practice feeling weak.

·        Practice crying.


D.     Technically, you want to move when a person is coming at you or committed at you, to achieve a double impact. 

·        Moving at the ‘right time’, i.e., when they know in their heart they’ve got you. 

·        Knowing and inciting a person’s reflex/reaction. 

·        If you move at a person in a manner that incites a reflexive movement, you can strike them “mid-reflex”, so to speak, to achieve double impact. 



A.     Front kick – practice flashing the snap kick.

·        Bring the knee straight up -> flash the kick out

·        ‘Reach in’ with the toe.

·        Can start the flashing front kick by bringing your foot in to train speed (similar to side-kick).


B.     Crescent kick – can be used to start the poison knife defense.  Train with the feeling of weakness or inadequacy discussed above. 



A.     Starts with ‘having to’ i.e. the thought process used by an athlete – I either get this guy or I don’t make the team.


B.     You spar back-n-forth with a partner.  Back-n-forth, back-n-forth (e.g., long reflex).  The feeling of frustration brought out by the exercise induced the freeze naturally. 


C.     Natural freeze was the best – didn’t require thinking about freezing, just the need/desire to get the move right and catch the person. 

·        Requires a good technical basis in the movement. 

·        Similar to athletes – (John Smith, an Olympic wrestler,  could shoot in and untie a man’s shoelace 10 out of 10 times, before the guy could moved his foot out of the way).


D.     If you believe your attacker is ready to pull the pin of a hand grenade and you have to get to him before he does (and he is at least six feet in front of you), with that extreme fright inside of you, you can move and freeze him.


If you really want to train in Huc Chung Kun Tao, send me an email with your phone number and I will contact you.


Guy Savelli

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