Fighting with Spiritual Chi

My first workout of the day is a spiritual workout. Every morning, I am thankful that my loved ones and I got through the night safely. I give heartfelt thanks for whatever else I feel thankful for that day. I say that I am sorry when my thoughts, words, and deeds are not pure, kind, and gentle. I am sincerely introspective of specific thoughts, words, and deeds and vow to be better. I then ask for help to help myself so that I may teach others to understand and have the results I have daily. I am aware throughout the day that I need help to control my every thought, word, and deed. I will always be this way as long as I live. I am consciously aware that my God watches my every thought, word, and deed. And I am accountable for them. I am acutely aware that God gave me life and will take it away one day (maybe today.) I am certain that the secret of life is that God wants everyone here on Earth to contact him and work with him before they die. I especially hope and pray that my loved ones will be alright every day. (This is one reason I follow this way every day.)

When this procedure is complete, I walk the Golden Road. I ask for my being to be opened. As my being opens, the Golden Road emits from within and rises upward at a 45-degree angle. I ask for Jesus* to help me walk the Golden Road. I see Jesus take the hand of a 10-year-old me and he guides this younger version of me to the foot of the Golden Road. Jesus lets go of this childlike image of myself as I start to walk up the Golden Road. Very suddenly, an intense and powerful Jesus appears from above the Golden Road - I am taken aback and shocked. This frightening Jesus, in all of His glory, swoops down, and scoops the 10-year-old me up in his right arm, as he reaches for and grabs me where I sit with his left. As He brings “us” inward, towards his chest I say, “Lord, Help me to walk the Golden Road so you may hold me close and keep me safe.” Then I see Jesus walk down the Golden Road and enter into my body where I sit- I feel it as I see it. Jesus turns around inside of me and his as eyes look out me eyes. I pray, “Let me see the world as You see is, Lord, and be able to do the things you can do (paranormally.)”

I picture the Lord (Jesus) becomes a swirling tornado of energy that spins around and around, furiously, like a spinning wheel inside my stomach. As I am about to kick or hit, I direct this energy out my hands, feet, or whole body. It is like an electric charge released to strike my opponent down - mentally, physically and spiritually. When he tries to hurt me, he feels as though he suddenly stuck his hand into a 220 electric socket. He cannot function anymore.

If you try this method of generating Spiritual Chi and you wish to test it without getting into a fight, simply ask someone you know to arm wrestle you for fun. As you clasp his hand, picture this swirling energy and direct this electric energy down your arm and out your hand, into his hand and to his elbow. If you did it correctly, he will quickly jerk his elbow away from your hand and rub his elbow. You have just used your spiritual chi.

* For those students who are not Christian, you should substitute whatever spiritual image you can visualize in place of Jesus.


Guy Savelli

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