July 30, 1979

I first met Mr. Savelli on Friday, July 27th. I met Mr. Savelli through one of his instructors, Lenny. Lenny and I had the discussion about the power of taking pain away with your mind. Lenny said that he would talk to Mr. Savelli about my heart problem and try and cure the problem. So, Lenny talked to Mr. Savelli and Mr. Savelli said for Lenny to bring me in to talk to him.

The meeting was set up for July 27th. I went in and talked to Mr. Savelli and told him what and where the trouble was. Then, Mr. Savelli made an appointment for July 30th at 9:00p.m. to see if the problem could be cured or at least to ease the pain in some way.

In the meantime, I had a motorcycle accident on Saturday, July 28th. I ran the motorcycle under someone's front porch going somewhere over 80mph. I managed to walk away from the accident with four busted cartilages in my throat, two hairline cracks in my breast bone, along with various cuts and bruises. So when I met Mr. Savelli on Monday and told him what happened over the weekend, we had to change the plans we had made with my heart problem.

Mr. Savelli said he had doubts about trying it at the same time because of what happened over the weekend. So we talked a little while about what happened and he said he would try with what pain I had at the time.

So we sat down on the couch and his two instructors, Lenny and Jeff, sat across from us. Then Mr. Savelli had Jeff ask me questions. Some of the questions were based on a scale of 1 to 10 about pain. A 10 is the worst pain. I picked 10 and higher. After all the questions, Mr. Savelli just sat next to me. The next thing I felt was very warm and then his sudden power surge. It started at my head and worked its way down. The next feeling I had was that someone or something was in my throat taking out the pain. Then there was a tingling in my chest.

After it was all over, Mr. Savelli asked me how I felt and I told him. Then Jeff asked me the same questions but we only got as far as the 1 to 10 part about pain. At that time, my answer was 3 (three) and very little pain anywhere in my body. So, I had my voice back, which when I walked into the room, I had very little. Also, I could not bend over even to pick my daughter up. But when I left there Monday night, I had my voice back and I could move around without any pain anywhere.

My deepest thanks and feelings to you, Mr. Savelli, for all you did to relieve me of the pain and discomfort.

Thank you,
Donald Pooley


I came to see Guy Savelli with an over-active thyroid condition I've had for over a year, maybe two. It was diagnosed by my family doctor. I went to the hospital for a scan to see the condition of my thyroid. Then, I was given treatment which apparently failed. About six months later, I went to an internal medicine specialist who took a blood test and diagnosed my hyperthyroidism condition. I was told to go to the hospital on April 22. On April 21, I was with Guy Savelli who put his hand on my neck. As soon as he applied his hand, I felt some sort of energy surge through my body. It started form my neck and spread through my body and I felt great. The next day, the doctors at St. Lukes hospital asked me why I was there. They asked because my thyroid gland was normal.

Brian Waldman


On May 13, 1982, I went to see Guy Savelli for cancerous tumors that I had. We talked for a while and I began to feel warm, warmer, and warmer yet. We prayed, he put his hands on my head and he had me look into his eyes and see a light coming from them into my being. He also had me visualize my tumors as red, glowing pieces of charcoal. After we prayed, I felt like I was on fire and that my whole being was burning up. I also felt something like a shield enclose around me.

It took me approximately ten minutes to quit burning up and return to normal. I felt like I was in another world, something like walking on clouds.

On June 3, 1982, I saw Guy Savelli again. I told him that about one week after I had seen him, my tumors had shrunk. Since they were protruding, I could physically feel the shrinking.

Also since seeing Guy, I myself lit two pieces of charcoal and prayed. I felt that since May 13, 1982, when I saw Guy, the Lord had touched me and I felt exuberant. I used to be depressed all of the time. but since seeing Guy, I haven't been depressed. Also, before seeing Guy on the 13th, I had a growth in my throat which had closed it up. After seeing Guy, it was opened up to where I can swallow solid foods. This happened the very next day after I saw Guy. Up to that time, I was not able to eat a sandwich.

Jeannie Schneider


In August of 1981, I had a stroke which left my left side lame. At the time I met Guy, I was using a walker and had no strength in my left hand.

I talked to Guy and told him my problems. He talked to me about God and faith, held my hand and told me to look into his eyes and try to see Christ with a light coming from his eyes into me, making my affected area glow. I did this and felt a warm burst of energy. In fact, my feet were on fire. He then had me pick up a candy dish from the desk and a five pound rolling pin, which I was able to pick up and hold.

At my next session with Guy, he performed a similar proceedure on me and I was able to leave his studio without my walker or any assistance. In addition, he placed his hand over a puncture wound I had and it disappeared.

Guy has also taught me how to control pain. I'm very pleased with my progress, and so is my doctor. In January, I was able to return to work.

With the help of God and Guy, I've come a long way in a short period of time.

Roberta Gohagen


I would like to take a few moments and share with you what working with Mr. Savelli has done for me. For the past five years of my life, I have been in one hospital after another. Test after test, I developed a severe anxiety. I was termed as having depressive nervosus and was also suicidal. I attempted suicide many times but always stopped because of the fear that it might be worse on the other side. I lost almost 60 pounds in a matter of a few months, cried constantly, and never could figure out why this was happening to me. No one could seem to understand what was happening, not even myself. It seemed as though I was totally alone in the world and helpless to this clutching feeling that I could not get rid of. I was medicated so heavily that I looked like a zombie-- yet I was aware of what was happening to me. The anxiety built up so bad within me one night that I beat my head against the base on the back of my bed and managed to knock myself out. In doing this, I managed to crack the back of my skull. Through a friend, I met Mr. Savelli. I was very skeptical at first, but when he began to talk to me, I knew right away that he understood what my problem was. He described it as being the Gorilla. He said to picture yourself walking along a dark, high wall. You are walking slowly, not being able to see what is on the other side. All of a sudden, this big gorilla jumps our in front of you. If you have ever known fear, magnify this feeling about ten times and you might come close to what I was going through about eighteen hours out of a day. Mr. Savelli put his hand on my head one night while I was going through this on 5-6-80. I can honestly tell you that I felt an instant calming feeling. It was the first time that I have relaxed in quite a long while. He gave me a thought to relate to each time I should feel this happening. This is what I do and it works. This man definitely has a power that is far beyond anything I can understand, and thanks to his help, I really believe I am going to make it.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Savelli,

Yours Truly,
Diane Ramsey


My daughter (Diane Ramsey) brought Guy to the hospital to see me in early May 1980. I was feeling very bad. My doctor told me I had a hereditary disease of the kidneys. My doctor told me the disease would slowly get worse. Guy took my hand and I was nervous, but I seemed to calm down almost immediately. I trusted him. I was bleeding for eight weeks and had to have five pints of blood. He came to the house when I got our of the hospital one week later in May. I was still bleeding. He took my hand and talked to me. He said that he knew the bleeding would stop. It did stop two days later. Right now, I am feeling fine and getting stronger. I know Guy helped me.

Kathryn Trowbridge


On 7-2-82, I went with Mr. Guy Savelli to see Margaret Muntz for a bone spur in her left heel. Mr. Savelli asked her where her pain was on a scale of 1 to 10. Mrs. Muntz replied that it was a 4 during the day and a 10 in the morning.

Mr. Savelli went through his formula with Mrs. Muntz and told her how to visualize her shin being peeled back and her being opened. He then told her to visualize a fan opening her being and to visualize Christ standing before her pouring a healing beam into her. Or, if she was unable to picture Christ, he told her to picture the sun pouring a white beam into her. Then, Mr. Savelli put his hands around her heel and told her to see the light beam around her leg and foot making them luminate.

After working with Mrs. Muntz, Guy Savelli asked her how her foot was. She said that the pain was gone.

Anthony G. Wanner


June 11, 1980

Mr. Savelli,

I met you only five short weeks ago with a chip on my shoulder and disbelief in my heart. I had spent the past three years of my life in mental institutions, and believe me, I knew the whole human race was against me.

Now I can face the world. My body constantly moved, against my will. I have organic brain damage manifested by a tumor. My doctors, many, have all said, "I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do for you."

But you, Mr. Savelli, have helped me and given me new hope. My constant twitching has subsided greatly, and I know with help it will disappear completely.

My pain is now tolerable and I know I will never spend another day in an institution. "I will survive"

Thank you,

Beverly Morales
Doctor's report on file


On Thursday, April 21, 1982, I saw Guy L. Savelli for pain I has in my ribcage area and around my back. My doctor, Dr. White, thought it was liver and spleen related. I have been seeing Dr. White since 1979 and this pain is a result of heavy steroid medication I take for pulmonary problems which has weakened the liver and the spleen. I have had this pain for one year now.

When I saw Mr. Savelli, my pain was a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Mr. Savelli talked to me and asked me if I believed in God. He told me to pray and thank God, and ask him to forgive me and to help me. He also told me to visualize a fan inside of me that opens up my being and to see Christ in my mind with a white light pouring into my backbone. Then, the white light moved to my affected area and became hot. My pain was then gone. Before, the area was rigid, but now it is flexible.

On June 1, 1982, I went back to see Dr. White, who is a pulmonary specialist in Akron, Ohio. Dr. White has seen me every two weeks for the past five years. When I walked in, he said that I looked great. I told him that I quit using the oxygen which I was on 16 out of 24 hours.

Dr. White was amazed. He examined me with his stethoscope and there wasn't even a hint of wheezing or bronchitis, which I had for the past five years. This all happened since I saw Guy. In April, I was discharged from the hospital with blood clots on my lungs. These have disappeared. My medication for high blood pressure has been cut from 1500mg Aldmomet to 250mg. Dr. White thinks it will be eliminated totally.

I know that I have been cured by God working through Guy Savelli.

Jo Ann Fellargio


On April 1, 1982, I saw Guy Savelli for an omnipresent pain I had in my legs. We talked about his previous healings and my pain. I have damaged tissue from multiple sclerosis. Mr. Savelli told me to look into his eyes and see a white, healing light coming into my eyes, into my brain, down my spine, and into my legs. I did so, and saw his face glowing. It looked like an aura which would go inside his head and then pour out his pores. I was awestruck, and nothing entered my mind.

He stopped and asked me to close my eyes, lean back and concentrate on the pain in my legs. I started to do this, but had to tell him that I couldn't since the pain was gone.

Jacquie Dugan


March 11, 1980

Our daughter, Mary Jo, who is 15 years of age, has been seen by Mr. Savelli since February 17th. After the very first visit, , Mary Jo surprised us by reaching for her glass, picking it up, and drinking from it. Whereas before, she would use a straw. Her speech has improved from time to time. Her speech teacher noticed this. Mr. Savelli wanted Mary Jo to visualize her fingers touching her thumb one at a time. This was difficult for her. After two weeks, she could see all her fingers in her mind and touch each one to her thumb. Mary Jo is doing better school work also. Her aide at school is working with her to throw and catch a ball. She can do this now; whereas before, she couldn't let the ball go. The past two Sundays after Mr. Savelli left, Mary Jo wanted to walk. We held her by the arms and she took six or seven steps. Mary Jo noticed her improved speech on Monday and Tuesday at school. No one had to say, "What did you say?" Last Sunday, March 9th, Mr. Savelli asked Mary Jo to work with her hands, just as if she were petting a puppy-- her fingers up on the tips and pulling back. He also wanted her to work with her feet-- moving them forward and back, and in a circular motion. One day, Mary Jo stood up in front of her wheelchair all by herself, then she called me. She was nice and straight.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Settino

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